my lips are sealed my face is dry

my nose is cold i’m getting old

i am too young i have fun

i am depressed my rooms a mess

i love to cook i am hungover

i am ambitious i am sober

i like boys i like girls

my hair is ratty

my hair is ratty

i am a brat i hate yr dad

i like trash i get trashed

i go to school i go to work

i am lazy i have hair

my heels are high my toes aren’t painted

my dog is small my cat is dead

i dont like chai i dont drink coffee

i smoke ciggarettes sometimes

my hair is ratty my hair is ratty

Pubic hair extensions

I wonder if they make pubic hair extensions..let me check

Well on yahoo answers someone poses the question

Feeling not alone in this moment however the questioneer has kink desires where as I just want to know how to make my muff look like a Jewish repunzel

All the answers seem to point to no they don’t exist

Ok I’m done pooping now I’m gon go back to class

Pad vs Napkin

Can someone tell me when it made sense to call a pad a sanitary napkin?



Last time I checked I was using a napkin to wipe food and various other particles off my face


Last time I checked I wasn’t using my sanitary napkin to wipe blood smudge off of my noonie

Last time I checked I was using my sanitary napkin to soak in hell and all it’s fury

In conclusion

Call it a rag

Call it a sponge

But don’t call it a napkin

Or if you have to call it a napkin

Then change the mean of the device I use to wipe my face off

Because it’s an odd word too


Sounds like A relative that takes alot of Naps

This man is magical!! And the night still isn't over!! I love @alphamaleyoga

This man is magical!! And the night still isn’t over!! I love @alphamaleyoga

Yeah yeah yeah!! @Hillary Petroziello !!!

Yeah yeah yeah!! @Hillary Petroziello !!!

GIF for you

Ah lord

Everything does happen for a reason doesn’t it?

I know this road

Where it leads

Where it might lead

There might be road work

Might have some obstacles but I know where this road leads

Silly self

Put down the thigh blasters

The carb slurpy

Pick up that six string


pick up that paint brush and

cut yrslf cutting metal

Make connections

Be responsible say no

I wanna be a lady.

An epic lady.

My goal

One year

From today

To write an entry

That only reads

I love you so much Amy Perdue. Thank you for everything you have ever done for me.

Be an asshole one more time so this is quick an easy



I can do this.


That’s the whole point of this.
To go through with something ?
A decision of sorts?

But in my life if there was ever black and white there was always gray

I’ll end with that and be on my way now.

GIF for you
Guessthese are my fans

Guessthese are my fans